8 Electrodes Smart Body Fat Scales Vs. 4 Electrodes: Which One Is Better?

A smart body fat scale is a useful device that everyone can use at home to measure their body composition, weight, and more. These devices have become very popular among families and for good reason. Understanding how much muscle and fat make up the body can be valuable for individuals who wish to track their overall health.
There are two popular variants of smart body fat scales: 8 electrodes and 4 electrodes. Read on to learn about the differences between them.
8 Electrodes Vs. 4 Electrodes Smart Body Fat Scales
The difference in electrode count in a smart body fat scale matters a lot. The highly sensitive electrodes help the device provide detailed body composition analysis. Here are the key factors that differentiate 8 electrodes and 4 electrodes smart body fat scales:
  1. The Number of Electrode Pieces
The electrode piece is the key to introducing current to the body. The number and area of electrode pieces will affect the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the measurement.
The first difference is obvious. 8 electrodes smart body fat scales have 8 electrode pieces that are available on both hands and feet. On the other hand, 4 electrodes smart body fat scales contain 4 electrode pieces, and these are only accessible by both feet.
Generally, an increased number of electrode pieces means better accuracy and more detailed data.
  1. Conductive Principles
The conductive principles of both variants are also different. 4 electrodes smart body fat scales utilize electrical contact between two lower limbs to calculate body fat percentage. On the other hand, 8 electrodes smart body fat scales focus on five different areas of the body to calculate body fat percentage. This results in a more comprehensive analysis.
  1. Detection Functions
A 4 electrodes body fat analyzer uses a single-frequency detection method. The effective measurement content is limited. An 8 electrodes smart body fat scale on the other uses a dual-frequency method of detection for more accuracy and details.
For example, an 8 electrodes body fat scale can directly measure the data instead of estimate them, making the data more realistic, detailed, and rich.
Welland Offers Innovative 8 Electrodes Smart Body Fat Scales
From the above-listed differentiating factors, it is easy to conclude that 8 electrodes smart body fat scales are a superior choice. Welland provides a wide range of these products for customers looking to calculate detailed measurements of their body composition. The various products are recommended because of these characteristics:
  • More Accurate
The presence of 8 electrodes allows Welland’s smart body fat scale products to provide a full measure of the body, including many upper and lower parts. The details are also more accurate than traditional 4 electrodes smart body fat scales.
  • One-piece Handle
Many of these products come with a one-piece handle for ease of use. The one-piece handlebar contains electrodes to facilitate easy measuring of the upper body.
  • Fitdays App
Similar to most other Welland’s products, the 8 electrodes smart body fat scales are fully compatible with the popular Fitdays app which you can use to conveniently track your body composition data.
  • OEM/ODM Service Available
Welland offers OEM/ODM services which means you can have any of these products customized to fit your brand. OEM/ODM services can help you with custom product development, app or mini-app development, pattern customization, logo printing, and more.
Overall, 8 electrodes smart body fat scales are no doubt a superior choice when compared to 4 electrode smart body scales. These innovative body weight scale products are ideal for users who want a more detailed and accurate body composition analysis.
We have been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying advanced, accurate smart household health measurement products. These products have been designed to meet all kinds of solutions for BIA fat measuring. They are also compatible with the Fitdays app for an enriching experience.
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