Body Composition Analyzers to Optimize Peoples Fitness Plan

Tracking fitness progress and understanding changes in body condition is crucial for motivating individuals on their health and wellness journey. A tangible display provides a feasible way to record the body’s minor changes and makes valuable insights into overall health available. The employment of a body composition analyzer over time can be a powerful tool in this process because it can provide not only quantifiable data but also specialized feedback. Its significance earns it much consideration when making decisions among diverse options. No matter your concerns, FG2211WB from Welland can be a satisfactory choice.



Why FG2211 WB Could Be Your Perfect Body Composition Analyzer

Utilizing advanced technology and trendy design, FG2211WB speaks for itself as a professional body composition analyzer with a significant number of advantages.

  1. All-in-one Design

FG2211WB features an all-in-one handlebar, which involves a magnet and a rolling cable, and a scale. Such a concise design leads to less spatial occupation and convenient use, making it a popular solution for in-house professional body health management.

  1. Clear Data Display

By adopting a gradient colorful LCD display enjoying a utility model patent, it delivers clear and easily readable information more than just on weight. Body fat percentage, BMI, and real-time heart rate detection are also available.

  1. Professional BIA Measurement

Armed with 8 high-precision sensors, FG2211WB ensures professional hand-to-foot measurements for accurate and reliable data. Its reliable BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) measurements make it viable to observe your body’s gradual change.

  1. Comprehensive Body Composition Data

As a qualified body composition analyzer, FG2211WB enables users to access the data of 29 essential body compositions, including water weight, body fat, body age, protein levels, visceral fat, bone mass, and more. Besides, it can generate a comprehensive body composition report. Users are capable of connecting their phones to a printer via Bluetooth to print detailed paper reports for reference.

  1. Fitdays Syncing

Data synchronization enthusiasts will find FG2211WB highly desirable since it allows users to sync their data with Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, and Apple Watch. It also supports data sharing on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. This way, you could be encouraged to keep your fitness plan through online fitness check-ins.

  1. Multi-User Support

What makes it a perfect body composition analyzer for households is its ability enabled by a smart scale app to support up to 24 users with a single account. Each user’s data can be managed separately, making it ideal for domestic or shared use.

  1. Voice Broadcast Instructions

FG2211WB also comes with voice broadcast instructions. By providing audio guidance, it makes the measuring process easy to follow. And the correct operation contributes to the trusty results.


Welland: The Best-selling Amazon Body Composition Analyzer Producer

Effective in tracking people’s body composition changes, FG2211WB from Welland serves as an exceptional body composition analyzer by generating personalized analysis reports. Its capability to produce authentic data at users’ fingertips has won it a broad global user base. With a commitment to people’s overall well-being improvement, we are proud of our products’ superior performance. Indeed, multiple of our products earned the honor as Amazon Best Sellers and ranked in the top 1 scale in different sites ranging from the US to Europe.



Fully understanding people’s pursuit of well-being, Welland works to generate standout products, which include the body composition analyzer. Among weighing scales suppliers, we stand as a leading one for pinning relentless efforts on quality and innovative design. Besides awards like Top 10 Preferred Product and Alibaba Verified Powerful GSKA Factory Online, our strength is demonstrated by a strong R&D and App team to provide professional ODM&OEM services, a mature supplier chain, and 20% auto-machine production. If you are a business or individual searching for reliable weighing solutions, it is highly promising that we will be your ideal destination.