In our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, the significance of an electronic bathroom scale cannot be overstated. At Welland, our team is proud to introduce the Bathroom Scale BB371, a revolutionary body fat analyzer designed to elevate users’ wellness journey. As we delve into the features and specifications, you’ll discover how this scale seamlessly combines technology and eco-friendly concepts.

Green Innovation: The Eco-Friendly Concept

At Welland, environmental consciousness is at the core of our ethos. The rounded design of our body fat scale goes beyond aesthetics; it serves as a testament to our dedication to eco-friendliness. This thoughtful approach is further exemplified by the USB rechargeable lithium cell and the soft natural bamboo surface for foot touching.


Product Specifications for Precision

Recognizing the paramount importance of accuracy in health metrics, our Smart Body Fat Scale is equipped with specifications that guarantee precise readings. From a substantial capacity of 180kg/400lb/28st to a meticulous division of 100g/0.2lb, our scale ensures that you receive detailed and reliable insights into users’ body composition, reinforcing our commitment to precision in health tracking.


The User Experience: Beyond Numbers

Our Smart Body Fat Scale transcends the realm of providing accurate measurements; it crafts a seamless and enriching user experience. The LCD display, thoughtfully designed for clarity, ensures that the information is easily accessible. Moreover, the anti-collision round corner introduces an essential safety element, making our scale a user-friendly addition to users’ daily wellness routine. Beyond the numbers, our scales are designed to improve the overall well-being of our business customers. In every way, the Welland Smart Body Fat Scale is a beacon of innovation, precision and user-centered design. Customers who work with us then absorb more users and tap into a larger market because of our smart products.


Why Welland’s Bathroom Scale Stands Out

We excel in OEM/ODM services, with a strong R&D team and advanced production facilities. Our 33,500 sqm production area, 600+ employees, and 18 assembly lines ensure high-quality products and efficient manufacturing. We are a trusted partner for businesses seeking smart health device manufacturing forever, emphasizing quality and innovation.



In summary, Welland’s Bathroom Scale BB371 demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional products and services to our clients. The extensive production area, large workforce, and multiple workshops allow us to handle high production volumes while maintaining efficiency. With their impressive manufacturing capabilities, We continue to be a trusted partner for businesses looking to develop and produce smart health devices.