Embarking on a journey toward a healthier lifestyle requires the right tools and support. At Welland, we understand the significance of reliable smart scales in helping users achieve their fitness goals. As your trusted smart scales supplier, we offer a diverse range of high-quality products designed to cater to your unique needsof enterprises. Our smart body scales go beyond traditional weighing, providing valuable insights into body metrics.

Welland’s Smart Scale Range: More Than Just Numbers

At Welland, we believe in offering comprehensive solutions for users’ health and wellness journey. Our smart scale range includes not only the essential Bathroom Scale and Kitchen Scale but also advanced options like the Body Fat Scale, Smart Body Fat Scale, and even the innovative Smart Skipping Rope. Each product is meticulously designed to provide accurate measurements, giving users a holistic view of their body composition.


Unlocking Possibilities with Welland ODM Service

Our commitment to customization is reflected in our ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) service. Welland goes beyond the standard offerings, providing options like free logo printing, pattern customization, and package printing customization. This personalized touch ensures that the smart scales align with your business’s unique brand and preferences.


Why Choose Welland as Your Smart Scales Supplier

Making us your preferred smart scales supplier comes with a host of benefits. Our strong Research and Development (R&D) team and App team are dedicated to supporting OEM custom service, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards. Welland offers a variety of solutions for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) fat measuring and communication, supporting Software Development Kits (SDK) and a free App with over 7 million users worldwide.


In-House Excellence: Our R&D and App Team

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our in-house R&D and App teams. Welland takes pride in having an independent sensor and strain gauge factory, established in 2018 to enhance the accuracy of our products. By controlling the defective rate to less than 2.5 per thousand, we prioritize delivering high-precision sensors to our users. Our R&D team consistently works on product upgrades and launches new innovations, with our apps being downloaded and used by 660 million global users.



In conclusion, Welland is more than just a smart scales supplier – we are your dedicated partner in achieving users’ health and fitness goals. Our commitment to innovation, customization, and excellence sets us apart in the industry.