At Welland, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the health and wellness journey with our high-quality smart body scales. As your trusted smart weighing scale supplier,  for fitness users, accurate body data is very important to them, the ratio of fitness ingredients also needs to be very accurate, and occasionally need external fitness equipment to assist exercise. So our products provide a one-stop shop for all three needs. Our innovative smart scale app integrates seamlessly with smartphones and other mobile devices, enabling users to monitor their own progress, make informed decisions about diet and exercise, and help them achieve their weight and fitness goals.

Smart Body Scales: Users’ Wellness Goals

Our extensive range of smart body scales is tailored to meet a variety of health goals, ensuring businesses find the perfect scale to market for their target consumer’s fitness journey. Whether the goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain a healthy lifestyle, Welland’s smart scales meet the unique needs of users.


Bathroom Scale: Users’ Personal Health Hub

Welland’s Bathroom Scale goes beyond traditional weighing. With precision and style, it becomes users’ personal health hub, providing accurate readings to help them monitor their progress effortlessly. The sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to their space, seamlessly integrating health monitoring into their daily routine.


Kitchen Scale: Precision in Every Ingredient

Combined with Welland’s kitchen scales, the culinary adventures of the user are precisely calibrated. Help them reach their dietary goals by accurately measuring ingredients and controlling portion sizes. Whether they are experienced chefs or home cooks, our kitchen scales ensure meals meet their dietary goals. For exercisers, it’s easier to make beloved juices and workout meals.


Smart Body Fat Scale: Users’ Comprehensive Fitness Companion
Elevate the fitness journey for users with our Smart Body Fat Scale, their comprehensive companion for holistic health and wellness. Going beyond traditional weight measurement, this innovative scale offers valuable insights into crucial metrics such as body fat percentage and muscle mass. As pioneers in the industry, our commitment to innovation shines through, making this scale an indispensable tool for businesses dedicated to a complete and well-rounded approach to their clients’ fitness goals.



Embark on the wellness journey with Welland, your trusted smart weighing scale supplier. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for individuals and businesses alike. With our diverse range of smart body scales and tailored ODM services, we empower you to assist your clients in achieving their health and fitness goals seamlessly. Trust Welland to be your companion in wellness, guiding your users every step of the way.