Embark on a transformative wellness journey with our state-of-the-art Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale BG260RB-W. In the quest for precision and sustainability, our team at Welland introduces this eco-friendly platform bathroom scale. As a leader in health measurement and intelligent home products, we prioritize both the well-being of  environment. The BG260RB-W, equipped with advanced sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, goes beyond traditional bathroom scales, providing users with accurate measurements and smart features to support their health goals.

Product Description of BG260RB-W

The BG260RB-W is a compact bathroom scale with a sleek design. It features a large LCD display for easy reading and Its body color is white, which matches the color of the bathroom. It operates on two AAA batteries. The scale has a weight capacity of 180KG/4000LB/28st and provides measurements with a division of 0.1kg/0.2lb.


Green Environment

With the BG260RB-W, our dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge technology collide. This scale is made from premium, recycled materials, making it a better option for the environment than just a fitness aid. With its elegant appearance and accurate functionality, the BG260RB-W guarantees that you can reach users’ health objectives guilt-free.


Precision Metrics for Informed Progress

Unlock the secrets to accurate health tracking with the BG260RB-W’s cutting-edge sensor technology. Positioned at the heart of this innovative scale, these advanced sensors ensure unparalleled precision in weight measurements. Users are also able to plan their fitness schedules with this precise data.


Intelligent Connectivity

Revolutionize wellness journey with the BG260RB-W’s intelligent features. Through seamless Bluetooth connectivity, this scale becomes a dedicated fitness companion for people. Sync effortlessly with smartphones or favorite fitness apps to embark on a journey of data-driven health. With the BG260RB-W, wellness routines evolve into a smarter, more connected experience, empowering people to offer precise and seamless health solutions for themselves.


Services We Offer

We provide OEM and ODM services for smart health devices and specialize in creating custom solutions using advanced technology with a focus on smart body composition scales, smart weight scales, Bluetooth body fat scales and other related products. We also provide such services for the BG260RB-W, whether it’s for a specific need or a basic need we can fulfill for businesses.



Invest in our Eco-friendly Platform Bathroom Scale BG260RB-W and let us take your company’s product image a step further. We are committed to providing sustainable solutions, and if a company has unique product needs, we are able to present the product in a high quality that will satisfy the company’s audience.