Jumping rope has long been recognized as an effective and fun exercise to burn calories and improve cardiovascular health. With the advancement of technology, traditional jump ropes have been transformed into smart devices that provide users with valuable data and enhanced training options. Therefore, we present Welland‘s Smart Jump Rope with App Skipjoy is an innovative fitness approach that combines the benefits of jump rope exercise with user-friendly technology.

Simplified Design Interface

One of the standout features of Welland’s Smart Jump Rope App SkipJoy is its simplified design interface, which ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience. With just a tap, users can start their jump rope session and monitor their calorie-burning progress in real-time. The consumption of calories is displayed clearly, allowing users to track their fitness goals at a glance. Additionally, the app provides easy access to historical records, enabling users to review their past performances and observe their progress over time.


The Cloud Synchronization Feature

Data synchronization is another key aspect of SkipJoy. The app seamlessly synchronizes time, frequency, and duration of rope skipping, as well as calculates the number of trips and calorie consumption. This data can be accessed anytime and anywhere, thanks to the cloud synchronization feature. The app supports the storage of up to 100 groups of offline data, ensuring that users never miss out on tracking their workouts, even without an internet connection.


Offer Multiple Modes to Cater to Different Training Needs

The SkipJoy offers multiple modes to cater to different training needs. Whether users prefer counting jumps, timing jumps, free jumping, or intermittent jumping, they can easily switch between these modes to customize their workout. This versatility makes the jump rope suitable for various purposes, including general exercise, physical education, and even fancy rope skipping competitions.


Social Communication in SkipJoy

Furthermore, SkipJoy comes with a sharing function that allows users to share their fitness achievements in real-time on mainstream social media platforms. This feature not only motivates users to stay consistent with their workouts but also enables them to inspire and engage with others on their fitness journey. With support for 23 national languages, the app offers a truly global experience, connecting users from different parts of the world through their shared passion for fitness.



Using App SkipJoy in conjunction with our smart jump rope is a collaborative workout. The application changes the traditional jumping rope sport by integrating user-friendly technology and simplified design interface. The app features real-time calorie tracking, data cloud synchronization, multiple training modes, sharing features, strict user information protection, and more to provide an enhanced fitness experience for users at all levels. Whether users want to burn fat, improve cardiovascular health, or participate in a fancy jump rope competition, our Smart Jump rope used with the app is a reliable and versatile companion that will help gym-goers achieve their fitness goals.