In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, the importance of effective and versatile workouts cannot be overstated. Welland introduces a revolutionary fitness companion – the Intelligent Jump Rope. Seamlessly connected to the skipjoy App, this smart skipping rope transforms routine exercises into a dynamic experience. Join me as we delve into the incredible features of the Welland smart skipping rope, designed to elevate users’ fitness journey to new heights.

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Different Mode Selection

Welland Smart Skipping Rope is designed to help fitness people burn calories and achieve their fitness goals in a fun and engaging way. With four different modes, including Free Jump, Time Countdown, Jump Countdown and HIIT mode, bodybuilders have the flexibility to choose a workout that suits their needs. Whether they want to jump for a specific time, reach a target number of jumps, or participate in a high-intensity interval training session, Our Smart Skipping Rope meets the needs of users.


Interworking with Applications

What sets this jump rope apart is its app connection. By connecting the jump rope to the “Skipjoy” app (available for download on Google Play or the Apple Store), users can unlock a world of fitness possibilities. The app lets fitters track their workout data, including calories burned, jumps completed and how long the workout lasted. In addition, the “Skipjoy” app offers a personalized workout plan based on the gymnast’s fitness level and goals. Whether the user is a beginner looking to start exercising, or an experienced fitness enthusiast looking to take on a new challenge, the app offers customized routines to meet their needs.


Promote Community Interaction

Welland Smart Skipping Rope is more than just a personal fitness tool; It also promotes a sense of community and friendly competition. With up to 24 users per account, the Skipjoy app allows families to challenge each other, compare their progress and even compete in virtual competitions. This social aspect adds fun and responsibility to exercise for all, making it a shared experience.



Our commitment to innovation and technology is reflected in our users’ choice of digital jump rope, including smart jump rope. These high-tech ropes are designed to enhance people’s fitness journeys by providing real-time data tracking, personalized workout plans, and a sense of community. With Welland Smart Jump Rope, you can make every jump meaningful and take human exercise to new heights. If you’re ready to broaden the jump rope market, it’s time to explore the possibilities of Welland’s smart jump rope.