In the world of cooking and baking, precise measurements are crucial for achieving the perfect results. We understand this need and offer the KP2048 Electronic Kitchen Scale, a reliable and versatile tool that takes users’ culinary creations to the next level. With its high precision, user-friendly features, and sleek design, Welland‘s KP2048 is a must-have for any kitchen.

High Measurement Accuracy

One of the KP2048’s outstanding features is its high-precision single-sensor load, which ensures accurate measurements up to 0.1g. This level of precision allows users to measure even the smallest amount of ingredients with confidence, enabling them to follow recipes precisely and get consistent results every time. Whether users are measuring spices, herbs or delicate powders, KP2048 ensures that food materials are measured accurately to the nearest decimal point.


Display Very Clearly

The KP2048’s large LCD display makes the measurement data at a glance. The display is 51x22mm in size and provides clear and easy to read readings, eliminating any guesswork or confusion. The scale also provides a convenient function to indicate the volume of water/milk, allowing users to easily measure liquids. This feature is especially useful when the following recipes require precise liquid measurements to achieve the desired texture or consistency.


Very Easy to Store

In terms of specifications, the KP2048 has a compact size of 153x135x27mm, making it ideal for kitchens with limited counter space. Despite its small footprint, the scale has a maximum capacity of 5KG/11LB and can accommodate a wide range of ingredients and formulation needs. The scale is divided into weights of 0.1g, weights up to 1kg, and weights between 1kg and 5kg, ensuring accurate measurement of various quantities.


Long Battery Life

The KP2048 is powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries to provide long-lasting power for the user’s culinary adventures. The energy-saving design of the scale ensures the battery life and reduces the frequency of replacement. This feature is especially beneficial for those who use the scale regularly or for long periods of time.



All in all, our KP2048 electronic kitchen scale is the perfect companion for home cooks and bakers. High precision, large LCD display, water/milk volume indication, and compact design make it an indispensable tool in the kitchen. Whether users are professional or amateur chefs, this scale gives them the accuracy and versatility they need to create culinary masterpieces. Upgrade their kitchen with KP2048 and experience the joy of precise measurements and delicious results. Join us and work with us to create amazing experiences for chefs.