When it comes to digital jump rope, the Welland RS1949 is the top choice for fitness enthusiasts. We as a trusted manufacturer in the industry and we combine our expertise with innovative features to create digital jump ropes that exceed expectations. Let’s explore the exceptional qualities of our RS1949 and why it’s a great choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Excellent Design and Comfort

The Welland RS1949 has a well thought out design that prioritizes user comfort. The comfortable ABS plastic carrying bag is designed to meet both men and women, ensuring a pleasant experience during exercise. The silicone handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing the user to maintain control and jump easily. We understand the importance of comfortable fitness equipment and the RS1949 reflects our commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable exercise experience.


Instant Jump Visibility

The LCD backlight display of the RS1949 is an outstanding feature to enhance the user experience. With the backlight, users can easily track their jumps in real time, even in low light conditions. This instant jump visibility allows for precise monitoring and better control of the workout. 19.6×8.1mm LCD display, the information is clear and easy to read, easy for users to track progress.


Multifunctional Exercise Mode

RS1949 offers two workout modes to suit different fitness preferences. The optional Free jump mode allows users to jump as fast as they want, providing flexibility and freedom for their workouts. Countdown Jump mode, on the other hand, adds structure and challenge to the workout by setting a specific time limit. This versatility makes the RS1949 suitable for users of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced jump rope enthusiasts.


Calorie Expenditure Check

We understand the importance of tracking progress and achieving fitness goals. The RS1949 is equipped with calorie consumption detection, which allows users to monitor the calories burned during a jump rope workout. This feature provides valuable data and motivates users to push themselves further, making the RS1949 an excellent tool for weight management and overall health improvement.


Precision and Durability

The RS1949 is designed to withstand rigorous workouts and deliver consistent performance. The product size of the jump rope is 23x164mm, which strikes a balance between portability and functionality. Welland’s commitment to precision and durability ensures that the RS1949 can handle a wide range of jumps from 1 to 9,999 and adapt to varying workout durations from 1 second to 99 minutes 59 seconds. Users can rely on the RS1949 to provide accurate and reliable jump counts with every use.



Together, the Welland RS1949 Digital Jump Rope demonstrates our commitment to quality, innovation and user satisfaction. With its comfortable design, LCD backlight display, multifunctional exercise mode, calorie consumption check, and precise tracking of jumps and times, the RS1949 is an outstanding product on the market. Our commitment to creating an exceptional fitness experience is evident in RS1949, which makes it an excellent choice for individuals seeking an effective and enjoyable jump rope workout.