As a manufacturer of precision smart home products, we understand the importance of precision in the kitchen. A kitchen scale is a useful helper when cooking and baking. Our kitchen scales have high-precision sensors that can weigh different kinds of food, from liquids like water and milk to solids. And most importantly, support for multi-unit conversion. KP2048 is a typical example of Welland‘s smart kitchen scale.

Precision Redefined

In the fast-paced world of culinary arts, precision is key. The Kitchen Scale-KP2048 boasts high-precision technology with a one-sensor load, allowing users to achieve accurate measurements down to 0.1g. Whether measuring delicate spices or portioning ingredients for a complex recipe, our smart kitchen scale ensures every measurement is spot-on. This level of accuracy empowers chefs and culinary professionals to confidently experiment with new recipes and create culinary masterpieces on a larger scale.


Modern Elegance in Kitchen

At Welland, we understand the importance of aesthetics in professional kitchens. The KP2048 not only delivers precision but also enhances the visual appeal of users’ culinary workspace. Its sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to countertops, creating an efficient and stylish professional environment. The large LCD display provides clear and easy-to-read measurements, allowing chefs and culinary teams to maintain focus where it matters—on the art of cooking.


User-Friendly Efficiency

Cooking should be an enjoyable experience, and our smart kitchen scale is designed with the convenience in mind. The KP2048 comes equipped with a low power indicator, ensuring chefs are never caught off guard by a drained battery in the midst of a culinary adventure. Additionally, the scale features an overload indication, alerting users if they’ve surpassed its 5kg/11lb capacity, preventing any potential damage.


Join Us in Redefining Kitchen Scales

Just like other kitchen appliances, kitchen scales are increasingly connected and integrated with smart home technology. Our smart scales connect wirelessly to our developed application Nutridays, which allows users to access a range of features and functions. Smart connectivity enables users to track and analyze their measurements, access recipe databases, and even get real-time guidance and advice on ingredient substitution or portion control. It brings a different experience to users.



In short, our smart kitchen scale is more than just a tool, it is the perfect companion for kitchen masters. With its sophisticated, modern design, and user-friendly features, KP2048 is a product that anyone who loves cooking would love to own. Trust Welland for quality, innovation and elegance in professional kitchens and mastercraft.