In the realm of health and wellness, Welland takes a leap forward with its revolutionary Bluetooth Digital Scale technology. Our Bluetooth Digital Scale BG260RB-W is a stylish and advanced weight monitoring solution that combines convenience and accuracy. The scale features a 5mm tempered glass platform, providing both durability and an elegant appearance. It seamlessly connects to IOS and Android systems via Bluetooth, allowing users to easily track their weight and analyze progress through their smartphones or tablets.

Basic Information about the Scale

The BG260RB-W scale has a compact size of 260x260x18mm, making it suitable for various spaces, and its LCD display size of 74x28mm ensures easy reading of weight measurements. Powered by two 1.5V AAA batteries, the scale offers portability and longevity with low power consumption. With a capacity of 180KG/4000LB/28st and a division accuracy of 0.1kg/0.2lb, users can rely on precise weight readings to monitor their progress effectively.


Strong Technical Support

Our Bluetooth Digital Scale BG260RB-W offers several advantages that make it stand out in the market.With a strong R&D and App team, Welland supports OEM customization services to tailor the scale to specific requirements, ensuring a personalized solution for businesses. The scale also offers a comprehensive BIA fat measurement and communication solution, enabling users to accurately track their body composition.


Very Reliable Quality Assurance

Additionally, Welland’s scales come with an SDK and free app, and have a user base of over 7 million worldwide, proving their popularity and reliability. Our products have also been recognized as a top 10 preferred product, an “Amazon Best Seller” and certified by Alibaba as a strong GSKA factory. With an established supplier chain and 20% automated production, we are able to offer high quality products at competitive prices.


With superior product measurement accuracy

In order to improve the measurement accuracy of our products, in 2018, we established the factory of Rayleigh sensor and Rayleigh strain gauge, which are dedicated to the production of high-precision sensors. While the best sensors in the industry have a defective rate controlled at 8 per thousand, the defective rate of sensors produced by Welland has been controlled at less than 2.5 per thousand, and customer complaints related to a large number of online orders have been controlled at less than 3 per thousand.



Our Bluetooth Digital Scale BG260RB-W exemplifies Welland’s commitment to providing innovative and customizable products. Through Welland’s OEM/ODM services, companies can personalize the scale to meet their branding needs, creating a unique product for their customers.Combining style, functionality and sophistication, the BG260RB-W is a reliable tool for individuals on their wellness journey, and an essential product for companies in the health and fitness industry.