In the pursuit of holistic well-being, understanding your body composition is key. A revolutionary tool in this journey is the weighing scale with body fat, a powerful ally that goes beyond conventional weight measurements. At Welland, we redefine health monitoring with our cutting-edge Smart Body Fat Scale FG2015ULB, integrating Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to provide a comprehensive view of body composition. Let’s embark on a journey to optimize the health and well-being of your business and clientele.

Charting Users’ Health Journey

The Welland’s FG2015ULB is not just a device; it’s a wellness companion. With BIA technology, it measures and tracks over 13 body compositions, offering insights that extend beyond mere weight. Our commitment to users’ well-being is reflected in the seamless integration with the “Fitdays” app, available for download on Google Play or the Apple Store. This app, crafted with precision by our dedicated team, allows them to share health progress with family and friends, as one account supports up to 24 users.


Elevating Users’ Health Monitoring Experience

Precision and dependability are redefined by our outstanding flagship product, the Professional 8 Electrodes Smart Body Fat Scale. The use of cutting-edge sensor technology by Welland, a top OEM/ODM provider of weighing scales, puts accuracy first. This intelligent body composition scale guarantees accuracy with an astounding defect rate of less than 2.5 per thousand measurements.


Optimizing Health Monitoring to Professional Standards

What sets Welland apart is our commitment to offering professional-grade health monitoring. The Professional 8 Electrodes Smart Body Fat Scale allows your clients to delve into their body’s intricacies with unparalleled accuracy. It seamlessly integrates with the Fitdays app, which boasts a user base of over 7 million worldwide. Users’ health journey becomes a shared experience, with the app providing a user-friendly interface to interpret and track their body composition data.



To sum up, the Welland Smart Body Fat Scale is more than just a scale; it’s a genuine doorway to a healthier future. We are steadfast in our goal to reinvent health monitoring, backed by cutting-edge technology, meticulous engineering, and a dedication to users’ wellbeing. Join us on this amazing journey of business self-discovery, where each measurement reveals a story, and each step moves your business one step closer to becoming a better, more knowledgeable version of itself. Put your trust in us, your holistic health partner for business success.