Welland Smart Body Fat Scales: Your No. 1 Choice for Leading Sales

When people try to implement a weight management strategy, they’ll start to weigh themselves regularly. Some researches show that daily weighing is associated with greater weight loss and less weight regain than less-frequent self-weighing.[1] It reflects that body fat scales have become a multi-million dollar industry.[2] However, choosing the right body fat scale supplier is one of the key factors in your success. Welland is an OEM/ODM service provider focusing on quality, reliability, and trust. 

Best Body Fat Scales on Amazon in Multiple Regions

  1. Achievements of Welland

A regular body fat scale is no longer the best choice in the modern day. Welland has taken it upon itself to use modern technology to bring more advanced solutions to the market. Many of these solutions have been adopted by businesses worldwide, particularly thanks to Welland’s OEM and ODM services. 

Some of the companies who have invested in these services from Welland have been able to produce top-selling smart body fat scale solutions on Amazon. 

There are selling on different Amazon marketplaces that use the Welland smart body fat scale OEM and ODM service, which requires no manufacturing from their side. 

  1. Benefits of Partnering with Welland

Brands can expect numerous benefits when they decide to partner with Welland. Welland was awarded “Amazon bestseller” and top 10 preferred product. Welland’s body fat scale options allow for versatility and can help brands gain more recognition for their high-quality products. Brands’ competitive edge can also be elevated, especially with Welland’s advanced technologies to produce these scales. Moreover, Welland’s mature supplier chain and 20% auto-machine production ensure the timely delivery of high-quality products.


OEM/ODM Service for Customized Solutions

As a body fat scales supplier, Welland ensures it can attend to the needs of every client. Apart from numerous pre-made solutions, a customized option is available for clients who want to personalize the process of creating their own brand. 

Some of the OEM/ODM services that Welland provides include:

  • APP/Mini Program Develop
  • System/Platform Docking
  • Algorithm Customize
  • Patent Examine
  • After-sales Support
  • Market Analysis
  • Product Design
  • Solutions Lectotpye

In addition to these solutions, businesses who set up their body fat scale product using the OEM/ODM service from Welland are also offered access to after-sales support, ensuring questions can be addressed. 

Welland is the Preferred Supplier of Body Fat Scales

Over the past few years, Welland has partnered with several companies and helped them to create a body fat scale solution that met their unique requirements. These partnerships include Etekcity, Lepulse, Healthkeep, WYZE, and Bveiugn. 

Our company continues to strive toward high-quality products that customers recognize. This is an essential factor when it comes to building a strategy to win over customers. Apart from product quality, Welland also uses advanced technological solutions in order to bring more accurate measurement options to the brand’s audience. 

Driving greater accuracy in body weight measurements helps the consumer get more valuable data related to their weight and overall health. It also creates greater trust between the customer and the brand. 

Another reason why Welland is a preferred body fat scale supplier is that we work so closely with every client. Whether the client requires these scales at small or large scales, we take the extra step to ensure they deliver on the client’s expectations. 


When it comes to finding a trusted supplier for a body fat scale, Welland has become the go-to option for some of the top-selling brands in the industry. We have our own R&D and app teams, maintaining the continuous launch of new products. We work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are perfectly met and can even assist with a completely custom solution. For more details, reach out to Welland!



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