Welland Will Bring Advanced Home Health Supplies to CES 2023

The Customer Electronics Show (abbreviated as CES) is the world’s most influential trade fair for consumer electronics. Since its first edition in 1967, CES has been shaped as an event that guides the electronics industry trends and the everyday use of hi-tech devices.

The upcoming CES 2023, scheduled to kick off on January 5th in Las Vegas, will host more than 4,500 exhibiting companies. Welland, a home health products supplier that manufactures the top 10 ranking body fat scale on Amazon in the United States, will bring its advanced home health supplies to the stage. Follow this article to reveal part of the displayed products from Welland.

CES 2023

What Products Will Welland Bring to the CES?

Established in 2014, Welland is a trader and manufacturer dedicated to the research, development, and production of home health supplies for health measurement, including smart body fat scales, smart skipping ropes, smart kitchen scales, etc. 


  1. Smart Body Fat Scale Series

The body fat scale helps measure body composition and know more about health status. FG2015 is a smart body fat analyzer with 8 electrodes, ideal for weighing the elderly and obese. This body fat scale is popular for:

body scale


  1. Smart Skipping Rope Series

Jumping rope is one way that one can exercise fitting anytime and anywhere. Smart skipping rope RS1950ULB epitomizes the newest evolution of jump rope, allowing users to enjoy the best free jumping to keep fit. It involves:

smart skipping rope


  1. Smart Kitchen Scale Series

A digital kitchen scale KT630LB from Welland is one of the most important tools among various home health supplies. The kitchen scale is featured with the following:

kitchen scale


By the way, all 3 home health products allow connection to a free software called Fitdays, which allows people to use it with family and friends. It only takes one account to support 24 users.


Welland: One of the Best Home Health Supplies Suppliers

It is the premium home health supplies that achieve who Welland is. Essentially, the manufacture of good price and high-quality products are benefited from the integration of:


  1. Strong Production Capacity

It is equipped with a mature supplier chain and 20% automatic machine production for quantity, combined with an efficient SOP production process and product quality control system for guaranteed quality.

  1. Professional R&D and App Team

Welland owns a strong R&D and application team to support OEM customization services. ODM/OEM products have been awarded the title of Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller on Amazon’s sales platform.

  1. More than 200 Patents

More than 200 patents testify to Welland’s efforts and the reliability of its home health supplies.

  1. RichExperiences

Welland has been focusing on home health supplies since its inception in 2014, with over 30 years of export and OEM/ODM experience. Its extensive experience in this field has allowed it to cater to various solutions for BIA fat measurement and communication.

  1. Availablefor SDK and Free APP

Welland Home Health Products supports an SDK and a free App, which makes them accessible to people across the world. As of today, the products have over 8 million users worldwide.


In brief, Welland is a reliable home health products supplier. Anyone interested in these home health supplies is welcome to contact us for ODM or OEM service.