At Welland, we take pride in being at the forefront of health technology, offering a diverse range of high-quality smart body scales designed to make users’ wellness journey seamless and effective. As one of the leading smart weighing scale manufacturers, our commitment is to empower businesses to meet the user market by making it a snap to connect users’ scales to their smartphones or other devices through our smart scales app, allowing them to monitor their progress themselves, make informed decisions about their diet and exercise, and help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Welland ODM Service

Welland ODM Service provides customized production and service for enterprises’ smart home products. From free logo printing to custom patterns and packaging designs. Our ODM solutions are carefully designed with your unique business preferences in mind, ensuring that every aspect of your target market reflects your company’s unique style and goals.


In-House R&D and App Team

Our dedicated in-house Research and Development (R&D) and App teams set us apart. With an independent sensor and strain gauge factory established in 2018, we focus on precision by controlling the defective rate to less than 2.5 per thousand. This meticulous approach ensures the accuracy and reliability of our products, emphasizing innovation and user satisfaction.


Award-Winning Products Ability

Welland takes pride in being recognized as a Top 10 preferred product, an “Amazon best seller,” and an Alibaba verified powerful GSKA factory online. Our mature supplier chain and 20% auto-machine production not only contribute to our accolades but also ensure competitive pricing without compromising the high quality our users expect.


Production Excellence

Spanning a vast 33,500 square meters production area with 600+ company staff, 6 workshops, 2 office centers, 1.5 million monthly capacity, 18 assembly lines, and 35 production lines, we have created an environment that fosters efficiency and precision. This infrastructure enables us to meet the demands of our global businesses base without compromising on the quality of our products.


Customer-Centric Approach

At the core of Welland’s philosophy is a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. With a defective rate below 2.5 per thousand, we assure you of the reliability of our products. Additionally, our continuous app improvements ensure a seamless experience for our 660w global users. We value your trust and prioritize your business needs, making users’ wellness offerings with Welland a truly customer-centric and rewarding experience.



As your trusted partner for smart weighing scale solutions, we are dedicated to transforming users’ health-focused business experience. Join us in achieving your goals and providing your clients with accurate measurements, insightful data, and personalized wellness solutions tailored just for your business.