Welcome to the forefront of health monitoring with Welland‘s cutting-edge Bluetooth Body Fat Scale FI2211WB. In a world where understanding our body composition is crucial for overall well-being, we take pride in presenting a revolutionary device that goes beyond conventional scales. Introducing the Bluetooth Body Fat Scale – a beacon of health insights.

Main Specifications of the Product

The Bluetooth Body Fat Scale FI2211WB offers businesses a reliable and customizable solution. With a product size of 300x300x26mm and a handlebar size of 280x34x32mm, it provides a compact and convenient design. The scale operates on either 4 AAA batteries or a USB version, ensuring flexible power options. With a capacity of 180kg/400lb and a division of 0.1kg/0.2lb, it offers precise weight measurements. Weighing 1.8kg, this scale supports units in kg/lb/st, catering to diverse user preferences.


Tracking Progress with Fitdays App

One of the remarkable aspects of the Welland Smart Body Fat Scale is its seamless integration with the Fitdays app. Downloadable from both Google Play and the Apple Store, this app transforms the scale into a health hub. Our team loves the convenience of being able to track their progress through easy-to-read charts, and I’m sure the same is true for gym-goers, giving them a deeper understanding of their fitness journey.


Your Target Market, Our Priority

At Welland, we understand that a user’s health is not a solo journey. Our smart body fat scales don’t just provide data, they allow users to become more aware of their bodies. With 8 electrodes, our scales ensure that users can perform a comprehensive analysis, helping businesses make informed decisions and support more consumers in their quest for a healthier lifestyle. Businesses can also take this opportunity to broaden their market and enhance their marketing.


The Reason to Choose Welland

Choosing Welland means choosing a partner dedicated to the success of your business. Our journey in the industry has been marked by recognition as an “Amazon best seller” and an Alibaba verified GSKA factory online. We take pride in our mature supplier chain and 20% auto-machine production, ensuring competitive prices without compromising on quality.



In conclusion, the Welland Bluetooth Body Fat Scale transcends traditional weighing scales, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to health monitoring. With the amalgamation of products, user-friendly apps, and a commitment to precision, Welland’s Bluetooth Body Fat Scale stands as a beacon for those seeking a holistic understanding of their well-being. Embrace a healthier business journey with Welland as your dedicated partner, where innovation meets excellence in health monitoring solutions.