In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, understanding body composition is key. A body fat percentage scale serves as a valuable tool in this journey, providing insights beyond just weight. Our team at Welland introduces the revolutionary Smart Body Fat Scale, a beacon of precision and innovation. As we delve into the world of health measurement, this scale emerges as a standout choice for those seeking not just data but a comprehensive understanding of their well-being.

Electrodes Smart Body Fat Scale – Precision Redefined

Our Electrodes Smart Body Fat Scale, powered by BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology, is a testament to our commitment to accuracy and detail. As an innovative OEM/ODM supplier in the health measurement industry, we take pride in offering a scale that goes beyond the conventional. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our scale doesn’t just measure; it guides users toward better health management.


Seamless Integration with Fitdays App

A standout feature of our smart body fat scale is its flawless integration with the “Fitdays” app, accessible on both Google Play and the Apple Store. This application transforms the health journey into a shared experience for users, fostering connections within their team. With a single account accommodating up to 24 users, Welland promotes a sense of community around health and well-being in the corporate setting. It’s more than just personal progress; it’s about supporting and motivating each other on the collective path to a healthier workforce.


Unveiling Over 13 Body Compositions

Our Smart Body Fat Scale, utilizing BIA technology, unveils a treasure trove of information about users’ body. It goes beyond the traditional metrics, measuring over 13 body compositions. From body fat percentage to muscle mass and bone density, each data point contributes to a holistic view of their health. The visual representation of progress through charts on the Fitdays app adds another layer of motivation, turning health tracking into a dynamic and engaging experience.


Conclusion Welland – Your Partner in Precision Health

To sum up, the Welland Smart Body Fat Scale is more than just a tool—it’s a doorway to a better, more knowledgeable way of living. The precision, innovation, and community-focused nature of our scale sets it apart from other health measurement tools. Welland invites you, our esteemed corporate partners, to embark on this wellness journey—a journey guided not only by numbers but by insights that empower informed decisions for a healthier tomorrow.