Welland, established in 2014, has become a leading supplier of smart household products for health measurement. With our team specialization in research, development, and production, we offer a wide range of innovative devices, including smart kitchen scales and body fat scales. Renowned for our commitment to quality and excellence, we have gained recognition as a trusted partner in the industry. We are both a premium supplier to the smart kitchen scale market and a manufacturer of body fat scales.


Expertise in Intelligent Software and Hardware Development

Welland’s expertise lies in the development of intelligent hardware and software for personal health management. We have a strong and dedicated R&D department with the technical knowledge and experience to create cutting-edge smart kitchen scales. Our team of experts stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and industry trends to ensure products meet the changing needs of health-conscious consumers and culinary enthusiasts.


For Different Products and Needs

For the use of the weight scale we launched Fitdays, users can understand their own physical condition through the operation of the software. And the kitchen scale we launched is Nutridays, whether chefs or novices can use this software with our products to make delicious dishes.


A Variety of Smart Kitchen Scales

As a kitchen scale supplier, Welland offers different smart kitchen scales designed to meet a variety of culinary and dietary requirements. From small scales suitable for home kitchens to large scales suitable for professional use, we make sure there is a scale for every need. Our product line includes scales with different capacities, weighing units and functions, allowing users to choose the ideal scale for their specific cooking or baking task. We have KP1944, KB1941 KG690, KP2018 a variety of models and styles, products to meet the requirements of the different preferences and budgets.


A Variety of Body Fat Scales

It is also worth taking a look at our manufacturers of weight scales, we have intelligent body fat scales, which can capture the user’s basic body data information through sophisticated BIA technology, as well as bathroom scales, which are noted for their unique design and environmentally friendly materials.


Strong OEM and ODM Service R&D Department

Welland’s strong R&D department enables us to offer exceptional OEM and ODM services. We work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions. Our R&D team has the expertise to tailor smart kitchen scales or other scales to our partners’ brands and specifications. This flexibility and commitment to meeting the specific needs of our customers makes us a reliable partner for businesses seeking personalized smart kitchen scale solutions.



Focusing on the development of intelligent hardware and software for personal health management, we have become a trusted supplier of smart kitchen scales and weight scale manufacturers. With our expertise, diverse product range, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Welland has become the partner of choice when seeking innovative and reliable kitchen-scale solutions.