Customizing Exclusive Corporate Health Plans with Body Analyzer Scales

A healthy fitness or weight loss plan is not about losing weight but about reducing fat. People may make wrong decisions about fitness or weight loss when they can not understand their physical condition. It is reflected in developing unsuitable fitness plans, which fail to achieve significant results but may even cause harm to the body.

In this situation, professional fitness tools are particularly important for ensuring the health of people. What is mentioned here is not fitness equipment but a body analyzer scale. It can provide comprehensive data based on the physical condition of people and customize exclusive health plans.


Reasons to Choose Body Analyzer Scales for Corporate Health Plans

The body fat scale and body weight scale are two different concepts. The body analyzer scale is an advanced tool for analyzing body data. Here, we take Welland’s FI2001LB as an example. It can:


  1. Provide Comprehensive Body Data

The human body is a complex life system whose physical health is reflected in the coordinated work of various body parts and the normal range of various body indicators. 

The body analyzer scale is a tool that can provide various body indicators. Generally, it can measure data such as body fat, muscle rate, bone mass, water content, and BMI of the human body, while the FI2001LB by Welland can measure 28 body data, allowing people a precise understanding of their health.

  1. Help Maintain Physical Health

Through these accurate body data, users can customize the fitness plans based on their personal fitness goals and physical condition, obtaining a healthy plan. 

Furthermore, body analyzer scales such as FI2001LB can also track and evaluate changes in body composition during the fitness process, helping to determine whether the ongoing plan is effective. Users can use Welland’s app Fitdays to receive some suggestions and achieve fitness goals while maintaining physical health.

  1. More Professional with Segmental Body Analysis

The difference between professional body analyzer scales such as FI2001LB is that it does not estimate body data based on the user’s age and gender but rather obtain real body fat by measuring the impedance of the trunk. 

Due to the varying composition of various body parts, this 8-electrode body fat analyzer can be used to analyze the body composition of different trunks in sections and provide targeted professional fitness plans for users.

Why Choose Welland’s Body Analyzer Scale

Although many manufacturers are in the body analyzer scale market now, Welland’s products have unique advantages.


  1. High Quality and Affordable Price

Welland is a scales supplier committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers. We have an independent R&D team for body analyzer scales and applications and have invested many funds in technological breakthroughs. While constantly upgrading our products, we also fix problems to improve the user experience. 

Welland has a 33,500m2 production area, mature supply chains, and 20% auto-machine production to ensure users receive high-quality and affordable products.

  1. Multiple Electrodes for More Accurate Measurement

Welland’s body fat scale focuses on precise body analysis, so the 8-electrode body fat scale has been developed. Compared to 4-electrode products, it can measure the body composition of different torsos. Hence, the obtained data is no longer vague about whole body data but a more comprehensive and accurate analysis of specific parts.

  1. Easy to Use with Bluetooth Connection and App

Welland’s products have been equipped with applications, so users don’t have to worry about complex data. By connecting to the application- Fitdays via Bluetooth, it can directly generate body composition analysis reports and provide healthy recommendations for fitness goals. This report also supports printing. The above steps can be completed independently, making it convenient for users.

  1. Cooperation Experience and ODM/OEM Advantages

Welland has cooperated with many Amazon sellers, including Walmart, Yunmai and BYD. We have received honours such as “Amazon bestseller” and Alibaba verified powerful GSKA factory online. 

Moreover, our products have obtained certifications such as SGS, BSCI, and FDA. Welland also supports turning personal ideas into reality, so we support ODM/OEM customization services to create exclusive products for you.


People’s health significantly impacts life equality, and choosing a suitable body analyzer scale can help improve health plans. Welland has stood out and enjoys a good reputation in the Amazon market. As a professional scales supplier, we are committed to providing the highest quality products. Contact us now to customize the product style you want!