Top Body Fat Scale in CES 2023, Tested and Approved

The world’s biggest electronic products show, CES 2023, introduced a lot of new products. Many brands from around the world attended the event and showcased their innovative products belonging to different sectors. As a premier home health supplies manufacturer, Welland also attended the exhibition. We introduced our new smart body fat scale FG2015 which was well-received by the audience. Read on to learn more about it.


FG2015 Smart Body Fat Scale

Welland showcased its third-generation smart body fat scale product FG2015 at CES 2023. It is an advanced body fat analyzer equipped with multiple innovative features for enhanced convenience and functionality. Here are the top 3 highlights of this product:

  1. 8 Electrode Dual Frequency

The smart body fat scale FG2015 features 8 electrodes to facilitate full body measurement, including hands, feet, and torso. As compared to 4 electrodes smart body fat scale products, FG2015’s 8 dual frequency electrodes mean better accuracy and more detailed data.

  1. Integrated HandleBar Design

The integrated handlebar design of this product makes it super convenient to use and provides a comfortable and stable grip for users when standing on the scale. The handlebar design makes it easy to store the scale in a compact space. It can be folded or removed, reducing the overall size of the scale.

  1. Self-Developed App

The smart body fat analyzer FG2015 is fully compatible with the free self-developed smart scale app called Fitdays. It is an extremely useful app that allows you to effectively track your body’s progress. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


Feedback on Welland’s Product at CES 2023

Welland’s smart body fat scale was well-received by the audience at CES 2023. The brand received a lot of positive reviews and appreciation for introducing a product that ticks every checkbox when it comes to body fat scale measurement. The most notable aspects this weighing scale with body fat received feedback for include the following:

  1. Comprehensive Test Report

The audience liked Welland’s smart body fat scales’ capability of taking extensive body fat measurements and providing a comprehensive scientific analysis report for sharing and goal tracking.

  1. High Accuracy With a Better Price Compared to Other Similar Products

Welland has always excelled at offering innovative products at reasonable pricing, and the company’s latest product FG2015 is another testament to that trait. The smart body scale of Welland comes with a better price tag than other similar products.

  1. Easy Operation

Ease of use and convenience are the primary focus of Welland, and our showcase of FG2015 at CES 2023 proved it. There were many rave reviews about the product being user-friendly, comfortable, and easy to operate.


About Welland

Established in 2014, Welland is a trustworthy home health supplies manufacturer that offers a wide range of smart household products, such as smart body fat scales, bathroom scales, kitchen scales, smart skipping ropes, and more. The brand has made a name for itself in the industry because of its various key traits. These include the following:

  1. ODM & OEM Service

Virtually all of Welland’s products can be customized to add your branding, logo, theme, color scheme, etc. Our OEM service includes but is not limited to new product designs & development, new function development, and app development. Similarly, we provide free logo printing, pattern customizes, and package printing customize for our ODM customers.

  1. “Amazon Best Seller”

For years, Welland has been providing products to many high-quality sellers on Amazon. And these products have gained the titles of “Amazon’s Choice” and “Best Seller” more than once.

  1. Large Production Capacity

The large production capacity and strong R&D department of Welland allow it to offer products that are unmatched in the industry in terms of quality, performance, and value.



Many innovative products were showcased at CES 2023, spanning various sectors. In the smart body fat scale category, Welland’s home health supplies came at the top by receiving a lot of feedback.

Welland has been offering its smart household products since 2014. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product range to cover various categories and applications. The company’s attention to detail and commitment to quality make it a top choice for consumers. Visit Welland’s website to browse all of our offerings.